Friday, October 24, 2014

Narrative Writing Piece 2

This is all about my narrative writing piece. Hope you like it.

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Broken Arm

“Awwww,” I yawned loudly. My twin brother, Peyton, was still asleep. “Peyton,” I said. He didn’t answer. “PEYTON,” I yelled. He woke up in a flash.
“What?” he asked.
“Lets go play on the trampoline,” I said.
“Ok,” he said.
We went to our Dad’s room. We quickly said that we were going to go to play outside.
“That’s fine,” he said. We went out of my Dad’s room and went down the hall. After that, we went downstairs and went threw the dining room and outside.
We were outside. We were on the trampoline.
“Weee,” I yelled.
“This is so fun,” Peyton screamed. We were both so high in the air. I landed softly on the trampoline. Then my brother landed on my arm. I screamed so loud that my neighbors could probably hear me. I ran over to my Dad’s mean girlfriend and she said I had a broken arm. My Dad quickly drove me to the hospital. They put me to sleep because I was crying so much. When I woke up I had a blue & red cast on. No one was in the room except me. My Dad slowly walked in the room.
“How are you feeling,” he asked.
“My arm hurts,” I said quietly.
“Oh. Well lets get you out of that bed,” he said. I climbed out of the bed with my Dad’s help.
“You can get a toy if you want,” he said.
“Awesome,” I said.
After went to Walmart so I could get a toy. I got a Nerf Football.After a few weeks, I went to my Aunt Brandy’s house and she took off my cast. My arm was slimy and small. I had to take a shower. It took pretty long for me to get that slime off my arm. I got a lot of presents. It was all boring stuff like clothes and gloves for Winter. The only cool thing I got was a back scratcher.
Then, we went to our house and I played with some of my Star Wars toys. I didn’t let Peyton play because I was afraid he was going to break my arm again.

The End