Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Goals for the New Years

Hey guys,

My new years goals are to read more. I also want to play football. I want to read six chapter books this summer. I want to practice math facts so I don't have to think about one problem. I want to help homeless people by giving them food.

How do I learn best

Hey guys,

I learn best when my teacher shows me a video or picture. I am a good speller. When someone talks to me, I create pictures in my mind. I like it when my teacher shows me pictures and videos. I ask for directions to be repeated and ask for help when I don't understand. I like to read about something rather than hear about it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Preparing to set sail

Hello everybody,

It is the year of 1495 in the month of June. We will set sail to find land, gold, and to spread religion. We were sent by the King & Queen of Spain. I am the interpreter, studying languages, I am an excellent negotiator, and I study medicine. 

We will set sail on August 1. I hope we find new land to claim. I leave nothing behind, but my cat. I love my cat! Oh well. I also love my teddy bear. His name is Freddward. I will only take Freddward and my pillow, Mr. MickFlufferton.